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Inspirien is set apart by our customer relationships.

At HWCF, we do one thing: Workers’ Compensation Coverage in the State of Alabama. What's more, we only do it for Healthcare. So the professional who assists you knows the healthcare industry and its unique needs inside and out.

HWCF is a group self-insurance fund sponsored by the Alabama Hospital Association and performs in accordance with regulations of the State of Alabama, Department of Labor, Workers’ Compensation Division. As a self-insurance fund, we have returned dividends to Alabama’s healthcare communities every year since 2007.

That’s something we’re proud of, and is a testament to our Board of Trustees, management and staff. In areas as diverse as legal, underwriting, claims, risk management and more, every single one of us works to create trust between you and us, and you and your employees.

The way we see it, coverage is ultimately about the future. We make your future our top priority.


HWCF has returned dividends to Alabama’s healthcare community since 2007. We are especially proud that our financial strength allows us to reward our members in this fashion. The financial strength of HWCF is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the Board of Trustees, management and staff.

We have a dedicated professional staff of individuals. This staff encompasses: administration, legal, underwriting, claims management, risk management, accounting and technology support, each of whom is committed to providing unparalled service and maintaining a successful workers’ compensation program.