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It’s one thing to have principles. It’s another thing to live by them.

HWCF is dedicated to delivering the best possible claims experience for you and your employees. How do we do it?

Cost Conscious Claims Management

Thoroughness is our practice when investigating and handling reported claims. Further, we are proactive in the management of medical costs and in our efforts to return injured employees to work promptly. Claims data is readily available to help manage your risk and control costs.

If a claim escalates, we assess case value, evaluate the legal environment and work to negotiate favorable settlements. When necessary, we aggressively defend lawsuits with the goal of protecting your reputation and assets. You can always rely on HWCF to be in your corner.


Ethical Service Delivery

HWCF’s philosophy is to provide ethical and excellent service to our Members.

  • Locally serviced accounts
  • Investment in personnel and training
  • Low Adjuster caseloads
  • Consistent claims handling in strict compliance with the Alabama Workers’ Compensation laws
  • Advocate for appropriate medical care for injured workers

Remarkable Partner

Our experienced staff is easily accessible and works in tandem with HWCF Members, professional medical case managers, surveillance and vocational experts, and quality defense attorneys to effectively manage your claims. We always seek new ways to serve our Members and to remain an acknowledged leader in the workers’ compensation industry.

The Result? A constant delivery of best-in-class service to you and superior management of your workers’ compensation claims. To learn more, contact us and see how we can become your partner of choice.

Claims Services

Our adjusters are Alabama based licensed workers' compensation adjusters. Even more importantly, we are highly-experienced in every dimension of workers' compensation in the healthcare industry. Our formula begins with a manageable caseload to ensure swift and proper response. Our resources and ongoing training mean the most advanced approach to serving you.

We bring to bear the most appropriate tools on your claim from medical case management to surveillance and pharmacy oversight to decrease costs and shorten the worker's disability.

Finally, we specialize in Alabama with a rich body of experience in State laws and regulations, as well as knowledge of medical providers, and legal jurisdictions throughout the State.

Our goal is continued success in providing top-notch service to our members, to be an industry leader in servicing workers' compensation claims and to be your partner of choice.

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